I will be brief, because really, how much should one need to say about keeping children alive and supporting their healthy growth into adulthood?

Parents, children are not here on Earth to conform to and suffer from your bigotries.

If you cannot love your disabled child or your LGBTQ+ child completely and as they are–without trying to “fix” them or worse–then the brokenness to be mended is within you, not your child.

It is therefore your responsibility either to mend what is wrong with you, or to allow safer, more loving adults to care for your child.

To Issy and all the other kids who are so distinctly, gorgeously yourselves, I need you to know that adults who have tried to make you feel bad or wrong, or have even hurt your body simply because of your disabilities or your gender or sexual orientation, are not being good adults.

When they treat you like this, it reflects entirely upon what bad adults and caregivers they are being, and not upon anything that is wrong with you or your disabilities, your gender or your sexual orientation.

In fact, your disabilities are beautiful. You are beautiful. Your gender is beautiful. You are beautiful. Your sexual orientation is beautiful. You are beautiful! So beautiful.

Finally kids, I wish you all the love, health, safety, and joy you could possibly need–even more than you need–both now and when you grow up.